MECO Fan Coil units Investment Promotion

Nov 01, 2019

MECO Fan Coil units Investment Promotion


HVAC and The Comfortable Home National Tour Product Technology Exchange Conference was held in Hefei. At the meeting, Mr. Ren Yan, the general manager of Taizhou MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., gave us a wonderful speech on the theme of “MECO Fan Coil units Investment Promotion”.

After 22 years of enterprise sedimentation, MECO Refrigeration has more than 17 years of fan coil manufacturing experience, focusing on the fan coil field for such many years, we kept trying on research and development, manufacturing, sales and service on our core products to the partners and distributors from more than 50 different countries or areas all over the world; MECO has become a well-known manufacturing factory focusing on high quality fan coil units products. With 3 sets of chilled water fan coil units production line, we can make the monthly production capacity of 9000 sets/month.

MECO Fan Coil units Investment Promotion

Compare to ceiling concealed type fan coil units, cassette type fan coil units comprehensively save the cost from installation, equipment cost, etc, and further more, compared with the horizontal concealed fan coil unit, the larger capacity the model is, the more money we can save; easy maintenance, send the air more uniform, suitable for large-scale occasions such as supermarkets, large offices, large ceiling-free spaces, hospitals, commercial centers, hotel lobbies, etc. Its advantages are quickly recognized by the market, accounting for 20% of the domestic market for fan coil units products. Now MECO is produce OEM brands for more than 100 domestic brands in China, and its own brands are exported to North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


MECO not only focuses on the development of fan coils for large-scale occasions, but also develops an ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil for household use. Compared with traditional horizontal concealed fan coil units, MECO refrigeration adheres to the sales golden principle “good products brings more profits to distributors”, according to the shortage of traditional horizontal concealed fan coil units, after a year’s R&D, MECO as last improved and upgraded the traditional type to our ultra-quiet operation slim type fan coil units. It is specially designed for home decoration which request small space and low level, it can saving ceiling space, with excellent performance and special designed appearance. It became a blast on the market in very short time


"The pursuit of perfect mission, providing professional services" is the tenet of MECO. I believe that MECO will provide end users with more satisfactory products in the future and will become an indispensable force in the future market.


MECO Fan Coil units Investment Promotion



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